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    Posted Wednesday, September 25 2013 at 1257 h MDT
    I found [these photos] today while surfing around - it shows more of the problems they've had on the Moffat aside from the one big washout that's often shown.

    Kevin Morgan chimed in on Trainorders this morning with a reliable rumor that the big hole will take around 2300 carloads of fill to rebuild. Crews are apparently getting roughly 36 cars/day dumped in the hole, giving us an earliest estimated reopening of October 9-10th.

    Posted Thursday, September 19 2013 at 1601 h MDT
    Union Pacific's Greeley Sub is now up and running again as of Wednesday afternoon. The major damage was at the South Platte bridge, just south of Greeley, where floodwaters had taken out a fill along the north end. This from the Colorado-Railfan list.

    The UP Fort Collins branch is still out of service, however, and expected to be for some time. UP is running detour trains over the BNSF from Cheyenne to Fort Collins to serve their interchange with the Great Western. (From JLH on Trainorders) -

    Posted Wednesday, September 18 2013 at 1051 h MDT
    As some of you may have noticed by turning on any news media for the last couple weeks, Colorado is a bit... damp. Flooding everywhere. It varies from minor slides and flooding down here in Colorado Springs to the loss of highways, homes, and even people's lives up north of Denver.

    On a rail front, the Moffat is out of commission. There is a large washout between Tunnels 2 & 3, and rumored washouts between Tunnels 15 & 17 and rocks down inside Tunnel 16. On top of all that, one of the repair ballast trains derailed yesterday, blocking the Blue Mountain crossing.

    There are no official estimates yet, but I've heard everything from a week to a month to get the Moffat Tunnel Sub back open. -

    Posted Thursday, September 12 2013 at 1434 h MDT
    Apparently today's westbound Amtrak 5 is sitting in Denver because rains, flooding, and slides have knocked the Moffat out as well as something on the usual UP detour route through Wyoming. I haven't heard anything concrete, but there are unconfirmed reports on T/O about slides, a washout, and a derailed or stuck train somewhere between Cliff and Denver.

    Amtrak 6 apparently is headed east on the UP from Ogden this morning, so it's coming across Wyoming. Hopefully whatever the problem is on this end (my guess would be something between Greeley and Denver) can be repaired before it gets here.

    BNSF's Front Range Sub is also out of commission, with tracks underwater in Longmont and a washout somewhere.

    Fires, then floods. I'm leaving town before the plague of locusts shows up. (No seriously, I'm headed up to northern Minnesota tomorrow morning, assuming the DIA runways don't float away...) -

    Posted Tuesday, September 3 2013 at 1349 h MDT
    As part of the Rocky Mountain Railroad Club's 75th Anniversary this year, they've partnered with the San Luis & Rio Grande (aka the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad) to run a three day photo trip at the end of the month.

    The first day (Friday, September 27), we'll run over to Monte Vista with a mixed passenger-freight train, and are working with the San Luis Central to include their line to Center in as well. (It's not a done deal quite yet, but things look promising.) If you missed last Sunday's SLC 100th Anniversary trip, this might be your chance to ride and photograph the SLC.

    Saturday will be over the hill to La Veta and back with numerous run-bys.

    Sunday will be down to Antonito and back, with times such that passengers have the option of taking the C&TS to Osier and back. (C&TS fare is not included in the price, but there is a 10% discount.)

    Power for all three days will be SLRG 18, their ex-LS&I 2-8-0, if they can get the bearing issues resolved by then. Otherwise, we'll get a diesel - quite possibly their FP10, as that's much more historic power than an SD7043MAC or B39-8E.

    The price is currently $179 for all three days, which is an unbelievable bargain as far as railfan-oriented photo trips go. In addition, the railroad appears to have cancelled their own railfan photo special this fall, so we're now the only public charter running this fall.

    To make this go, we need people to commit and buy a ticket. We've got to get about 70 folks signed up to make the trip cover its costs, so if you're thinking of riding, don't delay in buying your tickets. If we're not close by the middle of the month, we might have to cancel.

    Tickets are available through the RGSR's website. Hopefully, I'll see some of you guys on board. I bought my ticket last week. -

    Posted Tuesday, September 3 2013 at 1331 h MDT
    Westbound Amtrak #5(1) was delayed nearly 8 hours last night while crossing Soldier Summit between Helper and Provo. Apparently the culprit was mudslides caused by locally heavy rains. US Highway 6 was closed between Tucker and the Tie Fork Rest Area until around midnight, when one lane was opened. Full service was restored Tuesday afternoon. I don't know if that's the same slide that also disrupted rail traffic, but I would suspect it was nearby. - NDHolmes

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