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    Posted Wednesday, October 30 2002 at 1058 h MST
    Paul B. reports that there's apparently a westbound UP special running over the Moffat today, lead by the three Es and consisting of 7 passenger cars. It's bound for Salt Lake late tonight, and was reported past East Portal around 0900h. Good luck out there. Update (1442h - 10/30): The train is reported to have passed Dotsero at around 1315h. Anybody too far west of GJC will probably only see it in the dark. Okay - latest update - by Silt, CO, at 1420h. Thanks Bruce. Update (1735h - 10/30): And Lee gets a photo of it! It's posted over here on Trainorders.com. If you don't have a login, you'll need to wait until after 8pm PST to see it. - NDHolmes

    Posted Tuesday, October 29 2002 at 1939 h MST
    BNSF derailed four cars of an empty NCUX coal train today at the 23rd Street Crossing in Denver (near the north end of the Joint Line). Apparently the crew was setting out a bad-order car mid-train when the incident occurred. Photos of this minor mishap are available from this thread over on Trainorders. - NDHolmes

    Posted Monday, October 28 2002 at 2227 h MST
    "Who," you ask, "is Larry?" Larry's Truck Electric is a large locomotive scrapper in Ohio who purchases locomotives, parts out what they can, and cuts up the rest. Several months back, it was reported they'd purchased DRGW tunnel motors 5391 and 5413. Well, now it looks as if once again the Wheeling & Lake Erie may have come to the rescue. They purchased several of the retired GP40s, and based on this report on Trainorders.com it looks like they may have purchased these two SD40T-2s as well. It's possible they'll be saved and back on the road soon. - NDHolmes

    Posted Monday, October 28 2002 at 2219 h MST
    As some of you know, last weekend was the first Chama Steam event - centering around several charter photo freights on the C&TS (Friday and Saturday, 25-26 October). The weather wasn't the greatest, but it still looks like it turned out to be a spectacular event. Jay Wimer has photos posted his own photos of the event, along with Susumu (Sam) Furukawa's work, on the Chama Steam I website. Just follow the "Picture Page" links at the top of the main section. Rick Blanchard has also posted his photos on his website here (Fri) and here (Sat). In other news, Jay has also mentioned that Kim Flowers and Geoff Gordon have said that the C&TS shops will be back open (meaning funded) in mid-November to proceed with the necessary work. If it actually happens, that's absolutely great news for the railroad. As usual, more as the never-ending saga progresses. - NDHolmes

    Posted Sunday, October 27 2002 at 1032 h MST
    I decided to head down for the closing day of the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic this year - Sunday, 20-Oct-2002. It was an absolutely beautiful day, and I'm quite pleased with the resulting trip report (including more experimental video clips, like the Helper trip report before it). You'll see 487/497 doubleheading from Chama to Cumbres, 463 leading the last regular westbound, and a few shots of 497 out in the desert country on the Antonito side. Thrown in as either a bonus or a detriment is a look at the west/north end of Twin Peaks sub, running southeast from Trinidad, CO, on Saturday, 19-Oct. The introductory abstract is here - be sure to click the See More link at the bottom to get to the actual trip report. Enjoy! - NDHolmes

    Posted Friday, October 11 2002 at 1327 h MDT
    As a quick note, a patched DRGW 5407 (now UP 8599) was on LDI44 (the SLC-Helper trash train) last night and has been dropped as a new resident of Helper. DRGW 5401, returning from work at Burnham in Denver, is at Green River today off the MNYGR and is also expected to return to Helper within a day or two. That will make seven motors in Helper, and will also give Helper it's first patch job. DRGW 5356, the only remaining "pure" DRGW T-2 not in Helper, is still down in Arkansas. - NDHolmes

    Posted Tuesday, October 8 2002 at 1143 h MDT
    First of all, there should soon be six tunnel motors in Helper - the entire remaining fleet except one. DRGW 5354 wandered in about a week ago, but about the same time DRGW 5401 was sent out for wheel work in Denver. After several days on the Joint Line running MNYPU/MPUNY, 5401 is being returned west on today's MNYGR (North Yard - Green River). At the same time, 5390 has been sent up to Roper for its usual inspection. They all should be returning to Helper shortly, and hopefully 5356 will get shipped up from Arkansas to join them. In other Tunnel Motor news, UP 8590 (ex-DRGW 5397) has been sold to the New York, Susquehanna, & Western, along with three other SP SD40T-2s. It was retired from active UP service on 27-Apr-2001, so it's unknown if they intend to return it to service or use it for parts. On the operational front, DRGW 3109 and 3105 are currently assigned to the Pueblo-Alamosa trains. 3109 is the last remaining unit (that I know of) with working nose lights, and has been known to lead the Antonito local from time to time. Also, for those of you planning to ride or railfan the C&TS yet this season, remember you've only got two weeks left - October 20 will be the last scheduled day of operations. I haven't posted news for quite some time, mainly because I've been burned out and out of time lately. My apologies. - NDHolmes

    Posted Tuesday, October 1 2002 at 1701 h MDT
    The Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey "Red" circus train came down the Joint Line this morning for their upcoming appearance in Colorado Springs. I managed to get a little time away from work this morning, and caught up with it near Castle Rock (Photo #1 and #2), and then again at Larkspur (Photo #3). Not every day you see a train hauling elephants. - NDHolmes

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