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    Posted Saturday, January 13 2007 at 2022 h MST
    I've gotten the first trip report of 2007 posted with photos from today's chase of the Ritter/O'Brien Inaugural Special. While the special ran from Greeley to Pueblo, we only chased it from Denver to Colorado Springs. Details of today's trip can be found in the [introduction], or you can just skip straight to photos from the trip [here].

    Update (15-Jan-2007 2050h): Kevin Morgan has posted more photos of Saturday's run on his website [here]. -

    Posted Friday, January 12 2007 at 1204 h MST
    The ex-DRGW SD40T-2s remaining on UP's roster are again being renumbered out of the 85xx/86xx series back down to the 28xx/29xx series. My trace guy noticed this the other day when UP 8571, 8607, and 8619 disappeared with the dreaded "Not in Equipment Register" message. The Loconotes list has confirmed that 8607 (ex-DRGW 5346) became UP 2884 and 8619 (ex-DRGW 5362) became UP 2891. I have no idea where the third unit that disappeared - UP 8571 (ex-DRGW 5343) - has been renumbered to, as it was never assigned a 28xx/29xx-series number.

    Rumor has it that this new renumbering will move all of the tunnel motors in short order to make room for another order of 100 SD70ACes, to fill the range between 8521 and 8620. -

    Posted Friday, January 12 2007 at 1026 h MST
    Union Pacific will be running an inaugural special from Greeley to Pueblo for new Colorado governor Bill Ritter tomorrow. The tentative schedule, as posted by "mojaveflyer" on Trainorders, is as follows:

    • 9:30 AM - Train arrives in Greeley
    • 10:00 - Depart Greeley
    • 10:45 - Arrive Brighton
    • 11:20 - Depart Brighton
    • 12:00 Noon - Arrive Denver (19th and Little Raven St. The train will not apparently be able to use Denver Union Station)
    • 12:35PM - Depart Denver
    • 2:35 - Arrive Colorado Springs
    • 3:05 -Depart Colorado Springs
    • 4:45 - Arrive Pueblo
    • 5:00 - 7:15 Reception and spaghetti dinner at Pueblo Union Depot

    The train will consist of UP equipment, and contrary to earlier reports, supposedly will not have the UP E units on the front. Instead, expect freight power (possibly including UP 1989, I don't know for sure). -

    Posted Monday, January 8 2007 at 1145 h MST
    UP 1989, the heritage unit, is headed west over the Moffat today on what will be only its third trip westward. This time it's bound all the way to Provo, likely on MNYPV. Original scheduled departure time was 1200h, but Paul Z. reported via the DRGW list that the train was out as of 0930h this morning. Apparently the high winds are causing problems on the eastern slope this morning, so that may delay it a bit. Good luck to those of you out west.

    In other 1989 news, yesterday was one of those rare days when it made a daylight appearance on the Joint Line. The northbound MPUNY with 1989 on the point was tied down at Kelker on Saturday night, and would sit there until Sunday afternooon. I didn't go chase, but several folks did. Kevin Morgan has some of his shots posted on his site. -

    Posted Sunday, January 7 2007 at 0029 h MST
    I went out today, mostly just wandering aimlessly on account of the beautiful blue skies this morning. For some reason, I wound up in Las Animas, and found a GT36HCW (previously misidentified as an Indian Railways GT46PAC) up on heavy flat KRL 89124, headed for the TTC. It's eventually bound for Algeria as part of an order for 16 freight GT36CWs and 14 passenger GT36HCWs. The missing trucks are apparently on a truck somewhere, and will be delivered separately.

    Since that train basically went a few miles to La Junta and started working the yard, I set about chasing the local back to Pueblo. On the point was NREX 3075, followed by BNSF 2224 (ex-ATSF GP38-2), BNSF 1411 (ex-GN GP7 rebuild), and EMDX 776 (ex-PC GP38-2). Nothing like a first generation diesel still running on a Class I, some 57 years after it was built. It's probably older than many of the crew that operate it... The local made a stop at the Rocky Ford elevator, operating that branch through town that I've never seen a train on before today. From there, it was a fast shot back to Pueblo.

    The load motor, NREX 3075, is ex-DRGW GP40 #3075, rebuilt by NREX in the last year to a GP38-2. When I saw the nose light plated over, I thought this might be the ex-DRGW NREX unit I remembered, so I devoted a fair amount of shots to it. It's an odd looking sucker, since NRE removed the middle fan from the rear...

    For photos from today, see [this album]. -

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