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    Posted Saturday, March 15 2014 at 0334 h MST
    Two GE Tier 4-compliant prototypes arrived in Pueblo today - GECX 2023 and 2024. They're headed into the Transportation Test Center out at Avondale in the next couple days. The pair came west on Tuesday's ZDENCHI out of Chicago, and then worked down the Joint Line this morning before the crew went dead and tied up at Bragdon. I got a heads up on them after lunch, but couldn't get away from work before the next crew moved them into the yard. So, one far off backlit shot is all you get for now...

    Also seen today was MPI's HSP-46 unit that had been in the test center since October. MBTX 2003 appeared at the interchange today, and will be going back to Boise to be completed.

    The most interesting thing of the day was actually a freight car. DODX 39475, one of their heavy-duty 12-axle flat cars set up to haul nuclear material casks, was parked at the Pueblo yard. These cars are used to safely and securely move around spent fuel and other radioactive material. Given that there wasn't the usual security caboose and visible security presence that travels with these cars and that there were other unusual heavy DODX flats at Avondale, I suspect it's not a load but rather has been out at the test center for some sort of testing.

    Photos are posted [here]. -

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