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    Posted Wednesday, July 8 2015 at 1507 h MDT
    There's been a rumor percolating for some time now that the D&S and C&TS would like to swap a few engines to better suit their needs. It makes sense, but I wasn't going to feed the speculation until something more official showed up.

    Well, that "something more official" is here. John Bush, general manager of the C&TS, has posted a press release about the proposed swap on NGDF. Basically the D&S would get D&RGW K-36 483, which hasn't run in a very long time. The C&TS, in return, would get K-28 #478, which is also currently inoperable. This would give Durango another K-36 to handle more regular traffic, and it would give Chama an example of the only class of Grande narrow gauge 2-8-2s that it's missing.

    If it comes to pass, it will open up a number of new photo charter opportunities on the C&TS. Stay tuned... -

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