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    Posted Friday, January 17 2014 at 1437 h MST
    A few years ago, my old hosting firm was bought out by a new one. At that point, they moved us to a new IP address block, and we've had intermittent problems with email being accepted ever since. Tuesday night, Spamhaus (one of the largest anti-spam organizations) decided that my hosting company was nothing but a den of spammers, and basically blacklisted their entire IP range. (I have a love-hate relationship with Spamhaus. I think they use a shotgun approach to these sorts of things, hitting both their targets and innocent victims at the same time. On the other hand, using their blacklists cuts the amount of spam I get by 90%.)

    The result? DRGW.Net couldn't send email anywhere, and since I use it as my primary email address, that's a problem. I went into full emergency mode Tuesday night, trying to find us a new host. The last three days have been spent selecting a new hosting company, loading up the new machine, moving over all the content, and fixing the inevitable bucket of gremlins that show up whenever you make such a major change.

    So, let me welcome you to dotsero.drgw.net. The old machine, minturn.drgw.net, will be decommissioned in a week or two. If you spot any weirdness, please email me.

    If anybody is looking for dedicated server host, let me recommend Site5's Unmanaged VPS service. All the beauty of having your own machine in a datacenter without the hassle of having to monitor and react to hardware failures. So far, I've been thrilled with their performance and support. The new machine was provisioned within minutes, and is screaming fast. All of my fears about sharing hardware with other users have been completely assuaged. -

    Posted Monday, January 13 2014 at 1014 h MST
    Just a reminder, the monthly Rocky Mountain Railroad Club meeting is Tuesday evening at 1930h. This month's show is "From Durango to Darjeeling: Steam from Colorado to the East Coast to India" by Dan Edwards.

    Everybody is welcome, member or not. The monthly meeting is held, as always, in the southeast wing of Christ Episcopal Church, 2950 South University, Denver, CO. Come, enjoy a great show, and be part of a 76 year Colorado railfan tradition!

    Posted Wednesday, January 8 2014 at 1700 h MST
    Yesterday, there were reports of an SLRG E-unit in Walsenburg. My guess is that this is SLRG E9AM 9925, which I spotted in Boone, IA, over Christmas. The unit had apparently been there for a couple weeks, having been set out with some sort of issue (presumably mechanical). It was billed to Walsenburg on the UP, so my guess is that it finally made it.

    Today, "cozephyr" reports that power car SLRG 30, build as IC E8B 4108 and converted to a power car with 4-axle trucks by the Alaska Railroad as their ARR P-30, is in Denver and headed to Alamosa as well. -

    Posted Sunday, January 5 2014 at 2209 h MST
    BNSF 8295 was apparently added to AMTK P42s 142 and 180 on the westbound Zephyr out of Chicago today, per a post on the Colorado-Railfan list. 8295 is in silver and red (and in relatively good shape), with BNSF on the side. I don't know if it'll get all the way to Denver, but I'd guess they'll swap it for the protection unit in Denver if it does make it this far. It's currently running 4h13m down, so it'll be into Denver in the late morning tomorrow if it keeps time from here on out.

    Update (1320h - Jan 6): 5(5) is now 8.5h down, and still in eastern Colorado. Estimated time into Denver is around 1500h. Unknown if 8295 is still on the point, but given how the train is hemorrhaging time, I can't see them removing it until at least Denver. -

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