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    Posted Friday, March 22 2013 at 1501 h MDT
    Six former railcars from the Minnesota Zephyr dinner train out of Stillwater, MN, are being moved to the SLRG carshop in Alamosa, CO. They're moving on ITTX flat cars, with the trucks on two additional cars. Word from Trainorders is that they left Bayport, MN, on 19 Mar 2012. No word on what will become of the line's F units, but they've apparently been sold as well and will be moving later.

    The best roster information on the cars I can find is from an old post on RyPN. Apparently the fleet is "an ex-SP 7/8ths dome, an ex-MP/IC PS dome coach, an ex-NP smooth side baggage car turned power car, and 3 ex-C&O AMC coaches used as table cars". As for the F units, one of them (MNZX 788) is former CNW 4082A, and the other (MNZX 787) is former SP&P 804. The 804 actually has a Colorado connection - this unit was on the Colorado & Eastern and later the Cadillac & Lake City (the former CRI&P line) as their 716A (same as its former BN number) in the mid-1980s.

    [Here's] a Twin Cities Pioneer Press article about the move.

    Update (Sunday, 24 Mar 2013, 2300h): As of Sunday morning, the cars have made North Platte, NE. Five of the car numbers are apparently ITTX 961668, ITTX 965401, ITTX 964730, ITTX 962452, and ITTX 961220. -

  • D&RGW 463 LIVES
    Posted Tuesday, March 19 2013 at 0927 h MDT
    Don't know how I missed this, but at long last D&RGW K-27 463 has been brought back up to pressure and has moved under her own power. A report from John Bush [here] says that a fire was first built last Thursday (14 Mar 2013), and the engine moved on the 15th. That means, for the first time in over a decade and a year behind the original plan, we'll have a K-27 operating on home rails.

    Of course the class has not been absent - the Huckleberry up in Michigan keeps sister unit 464 in top condition and Rio Grande paint.

    Sadly, I have to admit I never made it to Chama or Durango last year for the first time since I've lived out here (14 years now). This should add some variety for the season and motivate me to get off my lazy butt and get down there again. -

    Posted Monday, March 18 2013 at 1410 h MDT
    Back in 1953, when the Denver & Intermountain Railway gave up electrified operations on their line from Denver to Golden via Lakewood, five railroads (C&S, CRI&P, D&RGW, CB&Q, and ATSF) partnered to provide service on the line via the "Associated Railroad", with each road providing service for one year. In actuality, the C&S provided 3 years of service (for itself, the CB&Q, and the ATSF), then the D&RGW for two (one for itself and one the Rock) before the cycle repeated.

    Starting in 2009, Denver RTD started removing the old rails and reconstructing the corridor as their new West Corridor light rail line. The route is scheduled to open to the public on 27 Apr 2013, but you can ride it with a bunch of railroad and history enthusiasts the previous weekend.

    The Rocky Mountain Railroad Club, in partnership with the Colorado Railroad Museum, the Denver Tramway Historical Society, the local NRHS chapter, the Jefferson County Historical Commission, RTD, and the City of Lakewood, is sponsoring a special trip over the line the Saturday prior - 20 Apr 2013 - for $25.

    The trip will start with breakfast at 0830h at the Jefferson County Government Center, followed by a presentation from historian Charles Albi and RTD spokesman Kevin Flynn at 0900h, and finally the ride at 1000h (and now 1015h - a second train has been added).

    Unfortunately, there won't be run-bys, and we won't be able to get all the way to Union Station because of scheduled work at Platte Valley Jct. We'll turn at Decatur & Federal. But it's still a chance to experience some of the history of the line and its rebirth, while hanging out with your fellow fans.

    Any proceeds above the cost of running the trip will go to rail preservation causes. Ticket sales are being managed by the Colorado Railroad Museum via their page [here]. -

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