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    Posted Sunday, February 28 2010 at 2111 h MST
    Things may actually be looking up at that perennial fount of bad news, the Georgetown Loop. Steam will be returning this season, after having been absent for over two and a half seasons. As those following the saga remember, 12 suffered a broken axle in 2006. While it was down, cracks were found in some of the other drive axles, and additional problems were found with the flues. Repaired and operational for about two months of the 2007 season, 12 went down again and has been stored in the Silver Plume shop ever since, while tourists at the Loop have ridden behind diesel power.

    Well, no more. 12 is all back together and ready for service this season, with months to go before opening day. It's also sporting a new black and silver paint scheme that's much more suitable for a Colorado narrow gauge engine. Well done to Mark Graybill (HRA, LLC) and his team on bringing steam back to the Loop.

    In related news, the Loop has rented six of the old converted rider boxcars from the C&TS. They'll be restored at Silver Plume and placed into service hauling passengers, and will carry information about the C&TS. The first two of these - 201 and 248 - moved from Antonito to Silver Plume last week.

    Photos of 12 and the car move can be found on the web [here]. -

    Posted Sunday, February 28 2010 at 2019 h MST
    Nathan Z. mentioned the other day that more signal work was in progress at the Bijou crossovers near downtown Colorado Springs. I didn't want to do anything I needed to around home today, so I headed down that way today to get a look at the work. Now the bad news - at least six more of the classic GRS Type SA searchlight signals along the Joint Line will fall soon. New masts have been placed next to the three masted signals - the two masts for main and siding on the south end, and the one mast for the main on the north end. Nothing has been done around the two-headed dwarf controlling the siding at the north end, but I suspect it will also get replaced, as will the dwarf for the house track.

    Photos of the work as of this afternoon have been posted [here]. -

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