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    Posted Saturday, May 24 2003 at 2211 h MDT
    The Moffat is now back to normal operations, aside from clearing the backlog of traffic. Last night at around 1700h, the first westbounds were allowed to pass Plain via the siding. However, Murphy's Law always has to play a part - an eastbound coal train went into emergency inside the Moffat Tunnel, shutting things down again for some time. Heath Volmer went for a bit of a hike the day after the wreck, and posted a few photos of the wreck cleanup in progress. In other news, an FRA inspector apparently red-tagged both units (including DRGW 3105) on the Montrose Local yesterday while at Montrose, stranding it there. - NDHolmes

    Posted Wednesday, May 21 2003 at 0845 h MDT
    As of this morning, it looks like the eastbound loaded coal train derailed near what appears to be West Plain (one of the frog-end signals is visible in the photos below), and the derailing cars then slammed into a waiting westbound empty. At least that's how everyone is reporting it this morning, and again, nobody was hurt in this thing - just a lot of coal and aluminum everywhere. Also, Denver's Channel 9 has what we all really want - arial photos of the wreck posted here. - NDHolmes

    Posted Tuesday, May 20 2003 at 2313 h MDT
    No word on exactly what happened yet, but reports coming out of Denver indicate that two trains collided on the Moffat around 2100h today (20-May-2003). So far, however, all reports seem to indicate that both crews are fortunately without injury. News bits gathered from the DRGW List indicate that about 15 cars and two locomotives derailed in some sort of a side-swipe. Speculation: I would guess that one train didn't get all the way in the clear at Plain, and got swiped by the passing train. However, that's pure speculation. More details as they come in and I actually manage to get them posted. Update (5/20 - 2317h): It sounds like it was sideswipe at Plain. Six UPs will be dragging the east end back towards Denver, and a BNSF crew will be dragging the other end back to Crescent. Amtrak 5 & 6 will be rerouted tomorrow, so the damage must be significant. One of the rumored trains involved is CAICL. Thanks to this Trainorders.com thread for a few more bits of information. Joe M. just reports that UP 8100 was on the front of the westbound involved in the collision. It must have been damaged, as power from a train at Rocky is being used to move the cut of cars on the east side of the crossing. - NDHolmes

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