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    Posted Friday, February 10 2012 at 1146 h MST
    D&RGW 463, the only K-27 remaining in Colorado, has been out of service since 2004. The good news is that she's on schedule to be operational again for the 2012 season after nearly three years of rebuilding. The better news is that her first revenue trip will be a pre-season photo charter.

    The Friends of the C&TS have announced a charter on Tuesday, 15 May 2012, from Antonito to Chama. Leaving at 0930h, the trip will include run-bys, a BBQ lunch, a 463 hat, and bus over or back. Tourist class is $185 and coach will be $125. More details and the official announcement can be found [here]. For tickets, call the Friends office in Albuquerque at 505-880-1311. -

    Posted Thursday, February 9 2012 at 2318 h MST
    A recently published memo from Mark Imhoff, Director of CDOT's Division of Transit & Rail, suggests that the state currently has no intention of preserving the Towner Line and gives more details on the timetables for abandonment.

    According to his statements, V&S is currently only proposing to abandon the 80 miles between NA Junction and Eads. The state has first right of reacquisition, and has 120 days from the start of the 2012 legislative session. That started on 11 Jan 2012, and puts the deadline for state action at 11 May 2012. CDOT has also notified all of the counties and cities that the line passes through and they have ninety days to express an interest in acquiring the route, in case CDOT refuses to acquire it.

    Given that it's a virtual certainty that the state will not repurchase the route given our budget condition, it's going to be up to local entities if it survives. I just can't see it - there's little to no online traffic along that section, and agricultural products from the Ordway area could just as easily go south to the BNSF line.

    [Here's] a copy of the memo, for those interested. -

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