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    Posted Wednesday, December 12 2018 at 1128 h MST
    Due to Union Pacific's move towards Precision Scheduled Railroading (yes, that one, the "brain child" of E Hunter Harrison at CN), they have announced that the former Rio Grande Roper Yard in Salt Lake will be downgraded and that it will no longer switch general manifest traffic.

    A consequence of that move is the elimination of the last through manifest freights over the former Rio Grande system. MNYRO / MRONY (North Yard - Roper manifests and vice versa) have been cancelled, and all through traffic will travel via Wyoming. The last trains ran last week. Kevin Morgan caught the last MRONY coming into Denver on Saturday, and his pictures are posted on Wally's . For those who are members of Trainorders, SP8595 posted photos of the last MNYRO crossing the desert on the 6th in this thread.

    Aside from the Potash Local running out to Brendel and down the branch, there will no longer be any UP manifest freights between Grand Junction and Helper. Apparently UP has been running some export coal westbound from GJ, so that may continue, the BNSF manifests will still run (typically ~2-4/day), and of course the two daily Amtraks. The desert just got a little quieter. -

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