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    Posted Wednesday, November 20 2013 at 1631 h MST
    Want to ride the C&TS in the winter? Here's your chance. They're going to swap locomotives 484 and 489 between Chama and Antonito on December 7, and actually sell some tickets for a rare end-to-end winter ride. Each side will run with a couple cabooses and an open gon, and the Antonito side will also carry a couple coaches. Tickets are a bargain at $65, but be advised if you ride all the way through, there's no return transportation. Also, bring your coat - the C&TS isn't a winter railroad, and heat may be scarce depending on the weather.

    You can get tickets [here]. The Chama side is limited to 25 folks so that we can all get inside the cabooses in the event of nasty weather, so if you want that side of the hill, book soon. I've got my ticket already for Chama to Osier and back, so hopefully will see some of you out there. -

    Posted Saturday, November 9 2013 at 2048 h MST
    I saw on Trainorders that ACS-64 #606 is on today's eastbound California Zephyr 6(09). Should be across Colorado tomorrow and into Chicago on Monday. I'd go after it, but I'm down in Texas for the next week. - NDHolmes

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