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    Posted Thursday, June 30 2005 at 0948 h MDT
    I'm finally starting to work through the backlog of material I have for trip reports. Yesterday evening, I managed to get my experiences on the Santa Fe Southern from January 2005 and two visits to the Grand Canyon Railway (Jan and May 05) compiled into a trip report and posted. Included also are a few photos from the Copper Basin, the BHP Arizona/San Manuel Arizona, and from an archeology project in Santa Fe - digging up the old ATSF enginehouse before it gets obliterated by the new downtown revitalization project. See the trip report here. - NDHolmes

  • DRGW 5401 PATCHED - 2 T-2s LEFT
    Posted Thursday, June 30 2005 at 0940 h MDT
    DRGW 5401 was patched this morning in Chicago. It's now UP 8594. That leaves us with two remaining untouched tunnel motors, DRGW 5371 and 5390, both holding down the Dirt Train in Utah. Get them while you can, though, because the Dirt Train will be going away soon. I've heard that it may be gone by mid-to-late August. - NDHolmes

  • DRGW 5401 UPDATE
    Posted Monday, June 27 2005 at 1801 h MDT
    After something like 100 days running around Canada paying back horsepower hours to Canadian National, the DRGW 5401 has been returned to home rails and is in the Proviso (Illinois, near Chicago) shops. The news isn't good - based on a post by "CNW4404" on RailroadForms.com, 1 or 2 traction motors are shot, and the main generator is grounded. The word is that if the generator has to be swapped, the unit will either be retired or sent to Jenks for rebuilding, where it'll certainly get painted. Looks like the two Utah tunnel motors might be the last two shortly, and even their days as a pair are numbered with the end of the Dirt Train late this summer. - NDHolmes

    Posted Saturday, June 25 2005 at 1619 h MDT
    Bruce just reported via T/O and the DRGW list that some 10-20 loaded coal cars piled up near Bair Ranch, at the east end of the Canyon. Amtrak 5 made it through, but the eastbound 6 is apparently stuck west of the mess. - NDHolmes

    Posted Tuesday, June 21 2005 at 1545 h MDT
    Early this morning, between 0600h and 0630h, four cars of MRONY (UP manifest, Salt Lake City's Roper Yard to Denver North Yard) derailed in Gore Canyon. Amtrak's California Zephyrs (5&6) have been turned around, with passengers bussed between Denver and Grand Junction. (last I heard...) Thanks to Paul Z. for alerting us to it and the Colorado Zephyr for providing the details. - NDHolmes

    Posted Wednesday, June 15 2005 at 2236 h MDT
    I've finally posted photos from following Milwaukee 261 up the river from Davenport, IA, to Savanna, IL, last summer. The run was part of the Grand Excursion 2004. Photos and details can be found in the new trip report over here.

    I know, it's not really Rio Grande related at all... I promise, I'll get back to DRGW coverage shortly. Right after the next two, the first covering tourist railways in the Southwest (SFS and GCRY), and the second covering a batch of shortlines of AR/TN/MS/OK/MO.


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