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    Posted Thursday, February 28 2002 at 1010 h MST
    This month's Colorado Timetable (a monthly railfan newspaper here in Colorado) is reporting that Omnitrax will donate DRGW 3011 to the Colorado Railroad Museum for preservation. So far, there's been no official confirmation of this, however, or any other details of the transaction. Thanks to Glenn L. for reporting this to the D&RGW list - I haven't picked up my copy of this month's CTT yet. - NDHolmes

    Posted Thursday, February 28 2002 at 1004 h MST
    Jim Belmont just posted a note to the list that DRGW 5354 is eastbound on today's MROGJ (Roper Yard, UT - Grand Junction, CO) train. No idea where it is in the consist, but it passed Cisco almost an hour ago. Those of you in Grand Junction should be seeing it shortly. - NDHolmes

    Posted Saturday, February 23 2002 at 2304 h MST
    Since there hasn't been any big news lately, I thought I'd post a general roundup of Colorado bits. DRGW 5507, one of the two remaining DRGW SD50s, is working on a ballast train out of Grand Junction on the North Fork, and presumably will be around Colorado for a bit. Also, DRGW 3109 went west to GJ today as the trailing unit on MDVGJ, so now there are again three DRGW GP40-2s in GJ. DRGW 5409, long stored dead at North Platte, was moved to the Burnham deadlines last week for an unknown reason - UP may possibly be batching up these units for sale, etc. In other news, the Ski Train F40s are dropping like flies again - 242 and 283 are both in for more repairs. UP 1900 (ex-DRGW 3154) and UP 5694 are assisting AMTK 287 with Ski Train service this weekend. For those more inclined to modelling, GATS will be continuing in Denver tomorrow - I was up there today, and the RGM&HS has set up a small display in the back. Be sure to stop by and check them out. In other news, DRGW.Net's server will be down (hopefully) briefly tomorrow night for some software upgrades. Hopefully everything should be painless and we won't be down very long. That's all I know, folks - if you have any other interesting DRGW-related tidbits, feel free to send them in. - NDHolmes

    Posted Tuesday, February 19 2002 at 2242 h MST
    I just thought I'd mention that there's a new trip report posted covering this last weekend's Montrose Local (Grand Junction, CO, to Delta, CO) and a pair of dirt trains (trash haulers from SLC/Helper to the landfill at Sunnyside, UT) - all powered by solid Rio Grande power. Two GPs on the local, four tunnel motors on the dirt trains. Thrown in for good measure are a handful of other Utah Rwy and UP trains. - NDHolmes

    Posted Monday, February 18 2002 at 1342 h MST
    Just a little update for everyone on the Tennessee Pass mainline/car storage yard. I went through the area yesterday on my return trip from Helper, and snapped off a few photographs of the stored cars. First are the two strings sitting in the west end of Sage (west of Gypsum), and then another string in the east end of Sage (or perhaps the other half of one of the western strings). Then there's another string between east Sage and Eagle. Further down the line, at Wolcott, there are three more strings - two at Wolcott (1 on the main, 1 on the siding), and one beyond the east Wolcott switch, I think. (Yes, for reference, that is a broken rail in front of the string on the main at Wolcott.) Update (2/19 - 2120h): No, it's actually not broken - the angle bars were taken off and wedged between the rail ends to form a quick derail. Thanks to Dave S. and Harold R. for the correction on this point... - NDHolmes

    Posted Thursday, February 14 2002 at 1037 h MST
    I'll be gone as of this afternoon for another one of my semi-annual Grand Junction/Helper trips. The current plan is to make Grand Junction tonight and go after the Montrose local tomorrow morning (which should have 3129 and 3097 on it) and then on to Helper to hopefully catch a Saturday dirt train. (which will hopefully have tunnel motors on it - four would be nice...) Should be back on Sunday night, so look for a trip report by Monday. If anyone happens to see a guy with a grey Yukon out on the road, stop and say hello. - NDHolmes

    Posted Tuesday, February 12 2002 at 0919 h MST
    Another string of empty coal cars is headed for the Tennessee Pass main as I write this. Bruce from the D&RGW list reported a train through Silt, CO, at 0900h on 12-Feb-2002 that reported he was "headed for the Minturn main east of Gypsum". Apparently the plan is to bring it on to the Dotsero Cutoff and then back it through the wye and up the Tennessee Pass main. There will be a hyrail truck running in front of the train for the reverse movement. - NDHolmes

    Posted Sunday, February 10 2002 at 0839 h MST
    The new colored-light signals along the Joint Line between Castle Rock and Palmer Lake are all now installed, and the classic old ATSF searchlight signals are finally coming down. Seen on Friday (8-Feb-2002) at Larkspur, one of the old searchlights lies on the ground beneath one of the replacement. Note that the two photos aren't at the same location. - NDHolmes

    Posted Tuesday, February 5 2002 at 0014 h MST
    I just saw on the D&RGW list that MDVRO and MRODV have been moved off the Moffat and rerouted through Wyoming as the MNYGR and MGRNY(North Yard-Green River). No more manifests, aside from presumably the as-needed MDVGJ and MGJDV runs (and who knows, those might get served from the SLC side eventually), which presumably means that 99% of the chance of seeing the remaining T-2s operate on the Moffat again is gone. In stranger news, though, ZDVRO and ZRODV have been put back on the Moffat for February 2002 only - presumably to protect the schedule while UP works out some things on the Wyoming line. In other Grande news, DRGW 3128 is probably down for the count, as it's suffering turbo problems. The other half of that is that the GP40-2s probably won't live long enough to be patched - UP intends to retire them as they suffer mechanical failures. (Thanks to Paul Z for that bit) Editor's note: I'll be back in Colorado on Wednesday, and after that news and Photo of the Day should both pick back up. - NDHolmes

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