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    Posted Friday, July 3 2009 at 1704 h MDT
    Thinking about my train chasing plans for the next few months, I noticed last night that the D&S's Railfest 2009 event listing is up and reservations are open. Railfest this year is a bit earlier, running from August 13-16. The highlight of the year, of course, is the return of Dan Markoff's Eureka & Palisades #4, a 1875 narrow gauge 4-4-0 woodburner.

    A quick rundown of Railfest's trips, by day:

    Thursday, 13-Aug-2009:
    * 0825h: E&P #4 - Durango to Cascade ($149 coach, $169 caboose)
    * 0915h: RGS #5 - Durango to Cascade with Tacoma plant tour ($99)
    * 1800h: President's Reception in the roundhouse

    Friday, 14-Aug-2009:
    * 0825h: E&P #4 - Durango to Silverton ($179 coach, $199 caboose)
    * 0915h: RGS #5 - Durango to Silverton ($99)
    * 1000h: Tour of historic East Mancos, CO, tank ($10)

    Saturday, 15-Aug-2009:
    * 0900h: RGS #5 - Silverton to Elk Park ($59)
    * 1000h: Tour of historic Glencoe, CO, townsite ($10)
    * 1030h: E&P #4 - Silverton to Cascade ($149 coach, $169 caboose)
    * 1300h: RGS #5 - Silverton to Elk Park ($49)
    * 1600h: RGS #5 - Silverton to Elk Park ($49)

    Sunday, 16-Aug-2009:
    * 0745h: Presidential Brunch Train - Silverton to Durango ($189)
    * 0900h: RGS #5 - Silverton to Durango ($99)
    * 1000h: E&P #4 - Silverton to Durango ($179 coach, $199 caboose)

    Full details about D&S Railfest 2009 can be found on their website [here], and reservations can be made at 1-888-872-4607.

    My guess is that the Eureka trips will sell well, so if you want tickets, getting them sooner rather than later might be a good idea. Right now I'm on the Saturday and Sunday E&P trips. As usual with Railfest, the real challenge will be finding a hotel room for less than a trillion dollars a night. It's a sad state of things when photo excursion tickets are just barely more expensive than a night's hotel room. -

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