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    Posted Monday, February 11 2008 at 2143 h MST
    As many of you will recall, the San Luis & Rio Grande acquired the remains of the SSLV in late 2007 to be used as additional car storage space. By October, the old mainline coming off the SL&RG at Blanca had been torn up as far as the highway crossing south of the junction, and new ties laid in the trench. Rails extended about 3/4 of the way to the crossing by October, but the new line hadn't been ballasted, tamped, or aligned yet. As I was passing by on the way back from Durango this afternoon, I found that the first rebuilt section of the old SSLV has been placed in service. Rails have not been extended further than they were last fall, but the current track is been covered red volcanic scoria ballast and there is a cut of UFIX coal cars now sitting on the rails.

    I've added four photos of the finished track and the new cut of stored cars to the the "Rebuilding the SSLV" gallery [here]. -

    Posted Sunday, February 3 2008 at 2120 h MST
    It's definitely been a wet, snowy winter across many parts of the Western US this year, and as usual, Amtrak has been suffering all sorts of service anomalies as a result. Friday's eastbound California Zephyr (#6-01) was delayed nearly 18 hours after a piece of snow removal machinery broke through the decking on a bridge high on Donner Pass. Saturday's #6-02 ran normally until both trains lost 4-5 more hours today, reportedly held near Glenwood on account of a broken rail. The two are expected into Denver tonight less than thirty minutes apart, between 2330h and 2359h. Heads up out east - you'll be getting two Zephyrs tomorrow in very short succession, or possibly one Super Zephyr if they combine the two.

    Sunday's #6-03 never made it out of Emeryville, CA, but rather was canceled on account of Donner being impassable. Instead, one of the #5s was turned at Sparks (near Reno, NV), and became #6-03. -

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