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    Posted Monday, September 17 2007 at 1452 h MDT
    There's not enough to make a full story, but there have been a few interesting narrow gauge happenings as of late that may be of interest to some of you.

    DRGW 315, after suffering a few hotboxes on her maiden trip out of the Durango & Silverton Yard, has now ventured all the way to Rockwood without incident. Fred Folk reported on NGDF that at 1130h on Friday, 14-Sep-2007, the little 2-8-0 left Durango with John Coker and Joel Mason (D&S pilot engineer) running. No report on who was firing. Some of Duane Danielson's photos of the run can be found [here] and [here] (click the JPEG links below the message on the second one).

    Also in recent Durango & Silverton news, the Durango Herald reports that one of the D&S speeders got hit by a minivan at the crossing south of Hermosa yesterday. Fortunately, while the speeder wound up on its side in the ditch, there were no major injuries to anyone. There's a photo of the aftermath [here]. (Thanks to Festus on NGDF for pointing this story out.)

    The Georgetown Loop is taking delivery of a few "new" steel coaches. These are old White Pass coaches, originally built by Coast Steel Fabricators and recently repaired by Hamilton Manufacturing of Burlington, WA. They're being delivered via truck to Silver Plume. 9news.com has a picture of car 284, "Argentine", delivered on their website [here].

    Posted Tuesday, September 11 2007 at 1124 h MDT
    I'm a little slow in posting this, but D&RGW C-18 #315 made a trip out on the main line on Friday, 7-Sep-2007. The original plan was to run to Rockwood, but they only made it a little way up the line before they had three hotboxes on the tender. From there, it was back to the shop, where the journals will be worked on (at least one needed machining) and another trial run made late this week or early next week. There are pictures posted over on [this thread] at NGDF. - NDHolmes

    Posted Tuesday, September 11 2007 at 1034 h MDT
    No, it's not snowing out here quite yet - BNSF is just moving the rotary around, presumably staging it or preparing to do a little work on it before winter hits. CEFX 1019 is leading an old BN rotary and power car north on the Joint Line today. They came over Palmer Lake at around 0900h, and stopped at Greenland for a crew change. As of 0920h, they were still stopped, and it sounded like the line north of there was plugged up a bit. For photos of the train, see [here]. - NDHolmes

    Posted Sunday, September 9 2007 at 1023 h MDT
    On my way through Rollinsville, CO, yesterday, I noticed that UP crews had been busy putting in new signals and control gear at West Rollins. That means another control point worth of classic D&SL searchlights will soon be gone. The somewhat ironic thing is that the replacement signals seem much more "Rio Grande"-ish than the searchlights they'll be replacing. They're the standard vertical 2 or 3 colored light with a hood that UP is using everywhere, but also similar to what the D&RG used all over its part of the system. Photos of the work can be found [here]. - NDHolmes

    Posted Monday, September 3 2007 at 2011 h MDT
    I finally got back to doing something website-related today - sorting and posting photos from Railfest 2007 last weekend. For those interested, there's a new trip report posted [here]. Included are RGS Goose 5, the steam-up of D&RGW 315, the usual Presidential Special, pictures from onboard the Goose on Sunday, and pictures of the gigantic landslide that shut down service to Silverton for a week back in July. Enjoy! - NDHolmes

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