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    Posted Saturday, December 21 2002 at 0526 h MST
    The first Ski Train of the 2002-2003 winter season rolls out of Denver today. Trips will run Sat-Sun every weekend until February, when a Friday run is added until the end of the season in March 2003. For all the details, check out the actual Ski Train page. Reports from Trainorders show that it quite possibly will be lead by a UP SD70M "flag" unit, 5108. - NDHolmes

    Posted Friday, December 13 2002 at 1407 h MST
    Here's the ultimate Christmas gift for your favorite Rio Grande enthusiast - the actual, authentic D&RGW caboose 01512, for sale on what else but eBay. Sure, it's not your own personal K-37, but it's still an interesting addition to any suburban yard - guaranteed to stir up your neighbors! For those that want to bid on the auction, the starting price is a low, low $15,000, and you can buy it now for only a cool $75k, your shipping from Moapa, NV. Of course if any of you are still trying to figure out what you get your favorite DRGW.Net webmaster for Christmas, this would be an excellent choice. - NDHolmes

    Posted Friday, December 13 2002 at 1101 h MST
    Yesterday afternoon, workers scrapping out a derailed tank car near the Big Lift yard (south of Denver on the Joint Line) ignited the remaining sulfur cargo inside. I was by the area around 1700h, and could see the smoke but not the unique blue flames from the fire. The story was picked up by several news outlets, though, and you can read all the details here and here. - NDHolmes

    Posted Saturday, December 7 2002 at 0949 h MST
    After leaving the safe confines of Helper, UT, DRGW 5377 was officially retired on 30-Nov-2002 in Hinkle, OR, after spending almost a month sitting around up there. That leaves only six remaining motors - 5349, 5354, 5356, 5371, 5390, 5401. DRGW 5401 may also be in trouble, as it has been sitting in Pocatello, OR, since 14-November.

    In better news, the Commission has come through with the first part of assuring the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic can reopen next year - the shops in Chama are reopen, and work on the locomotives is progressing. This week, three of the tenders were prepped for movement to Antonito for rebuilding, and the guys in Chama started in on dropping the drivers on several locomotives - 484, 487, and 488. These will be sent out for turning and, in the case of 488, new tires as well. Meanwhile the Chama crew will be completing the rest of the work to bring the steamers up to full FRA compliance by next spring.

    Also, I've received information on Tuesday's eastern Tennessee Pass main movement. The train, symbol CVYPU-03, passed Canon City at 1230h westbound with UP 6335, UP 9791, and 26 cars. It came back through CC at 1924h, dragging the 26 cars it had taken out plus 74 more that had been retrieved from Vallie. These were taken back to Pueblo and interchanged with the BNSF. -

    Posted Tuesday, December 3 2002 at 1516 h MST
    Well, it's not exactly going over Tennesseee Pass, but the string of coal cars that was placed at Vallie (near Salida) is being removed this afternoon according to Paul B. Nobody's sure on the exact power for the move, but the word is that the train is out on the line and will be back in Pueblo this evening. - NDHolmes

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