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    Posted Sunday, May 27 2012 at 1326 h MDT
    In what has to be one of the stranger stories of someone being injuried on a train, yesterday's high winds across the state brought a live tree over on one of the Georgetown Loop trains. Wind-induced tree-fall isn't exactly unusual in this state full of trees and freakish weather, but this one had the unusually bad timing of striking the open car and injuring a man. Fortunately it doesn't sound like his injuries were too severe. The Denver Post [has the story].

    Posted Monday, May 21 2012 at 1619 h MDT
    Cline Mining's operation out at New Elk Mine - west of Trinidad on the old Colorado & Wyoming line - has slowed, laying off 70 due to slumping prices and market demand. No word on whether this will cause them to postpone reconstruction of the rail line, but it does mean we won't see as many trains coming out of the coal transload facility at Jansen in the meantime. The details can be found in an article in [the Trinidad Times]. - NDHolmes

    Posted Monday, May 21 2012 at 1614 h MDT
    The San Luis & Rio Grande / Rio Grande Scenic Railroad has announced their fall photo special for 2012. It starts with a Friday meet-and-greet dinner train to Antonito, steam and diesel over La Veta Pass on Saturday and Sunday, and then a steam mixed over to Monte Vista and back on Sunday. The whole deal is $399, or you can pick and choose individual days for lesser charges. Hotels are presumably up to the individual as has been the case in past years.

    See [here] for details and tickets. -

    Posted Friday, May 4 2012 at 1107 h MDT
    So get email... Most rational, some I can help with, some helpful, and then I get the occasional loon who came off his rocker. Normally I just shrug them off, but today I'm going to deal with one as a comedian deals with a heckler. So here you go - [crazy email of the day], name and email redacted to protect the guity.

    Apparently what set today's loon off is that somewhere I've referred to D&RGW narrow gauge diesel 50 as being "gas powered". I've looked, I can't find it. Certainly not on [the main page about D&RGW 50]. But he's right, that's a hangin' offense and I must be punished mightly for my sheer incompetence.

    So yes, I've got gas and I need your help with it. The first person who can tell me where I've got gas will win a handful of D&SL inter-office mail envelopes or some other equally D&RGW-related ephemera that's surplus in my collection. Just send the link to the page on my website containing the blasphemous text to [my email]. I'll even credit you in the correction. (Contest not open to original loon - sorry, dude, you lost your chance.)

    Don't let this deter you. I openly admit I'm not perfect, the website doesn't get the time it deserves because I have a hectic life, and that there are mistakes around here. I'm always appreciative for additions, corrections, or questions, but just don't be an asshat like this loon. (Also, the editor position is always open...)

    So, come on - help me solve my problem before I accidentally "gas" another unsuspecting reader.

    Updated 4 May 2012 - 1750h: I did finally find it. It was on an unlinked page that was an initial collecting page for tidbits on narrow gauge diesels that I started ten years ago. Not a finished page, not fact checked, not anything linked from anywhere except his search engine result. I'm not exactly sure how Yahoo even found it. At least I got a second email from him insulting pretty much everything but my parentage. I know, I know.. railfanning is serious business! -

    Posted Tuesday, May 1 2012 at 1652 h MDT
    Just got a call from the Friends confirming what's been rumored in some circles for several weeks now - the 463 trip on May 15 isn't going to happen. 463 just isn't done yet. At this point they're looking into rescheduling later in the season when 463 is complete. - NDHolmes

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