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    Posted Friday, November 20 2015 at 1513 h MST
    The Golden Spike Chapter of the R&LHS - the folks who have been restoring D&RG(W) Grant 2-8-0 #223 - have turned to crowdfunding to try to raise money for the next phases of work. Their goal is an operating restoration by 2019.

    The 223 is unique. It's the only Grant-built D&RG engine to survive. It's also the only C-16 that has a hope of being restored to service any time soon. Two other Class 60 / C-16 units survived - 268 and 278 - but both are Baldwin-built and are not likely to be considered for an operating restoration any time soon.

    For those interested in what they've done so far, the best way to keep tabs on them is their Facebook page.

    For those wanting to contribute to their current fundraising campaign, you can find them on GoFundMe at [this link]. -

    Posted Friday, November 20 2015 at 1506 h MST
    Word has it that BNSF was supposed to deliver another cut of cars for storage out on the ex-MP Towner Line this afternoon. That brings us up to five trains of stored intermodal equipment out there. - NDHolmes

    Posted Tuesday, November 17 2015 at 1621 h MST
    The Friends of the C&TS have announced they intend to operate a winter snow train charter out of Antonito on the weekend of March 12-13, 2016.

    From their website:
    Saturday March 12 will feature our snow-clearing flanger train with plow-equipped K36 #487 on the head end, Flanger OJ, Water Car 0471, Gondola 6205, Box Car 3244, Cook Car 053, Bunk Car 04407, and Cabooses 05635 & 503. We will depart the C&TS Depot in Antonito at approximately 5:30am for sunrise photos at Hangman’s Trestle. Our train will operate from Antonito to Big Horn.

    Sunday March 13 will entail our train with #487 on the lead and Flanger OJ, Box Cars, Cook Car, Flat Car, Bunk Car and Cabooses departing from Antonito at approximately 9:00am. Our train will work west with the goal of reaching Sublette if winter weather conditions allow it. This will also allow us dusk photo opportunities at Lava Tank.

    In the prior couple years, Historic Transport Preservation / Steam Specials has operated these trips. They announced they were not running one this year, and the FoCTS have stepped in to operate it instead.

    Tickets are $795 for the two day trip, and are available [here].

    Now, everybody hope for a wet, snowy winter here in Colorado. Plow trains don't look right running through dry desert. -

    Posted Monday, November 16 2015 at 1736 h MST
    Union Pacific announced today that it will be closing Denver Diesel - the old Rio Grande Burnham Shops - on or around February 14, 2016. With coal traffic on the Grande having dwindled to near nothing, the need to maintain a large number of motors for heavy coal service has gone with it. Workers were apparently given 90 day notice today.

    Update (11/17 - 1816h): The Denver Post has an article on the closure including more details [here]. -