SL&RG Passenger Car Roster

To support the two new passenger trains started in May 2006, the SL&RG acquired a number of used passenger cars for the operation. If you have any background information on any of these cars, please let me know so I can fill in this rather sparse roster.

The various Iowa Pacific roads (the San Luis & Rio Grande / Rio Grande Scenic Railroad included) seem to trade cars quite a bit. Keeping up with what's currently on SLRG rails is dang near impossible. So, this roster includes everything that I've seen on the SLRG or has been reported to me as being there, or has been spotted wearing SLRG reporting marks.

Many of the cars carried RPCX reporting marks when they initially arrived on the SLRG. These seem to have been changed over to SLRG at this point.

San Luis & Rio Grande Passenger Cars
SLRG 508Full Dome2009Ex-Holland America Alaska
Built as ATSF 508 (Budd)
Currently on Saratoga & North Creek
SLRG 509Full DomeDec-2007Ex-Holland America Alaska
Built as ATSF 509 (Budd)
Arrived as RPCX 509
SLRG 510Full DomeDec-2007Ex-Holland America Alaska
Built as ATSF 510 (Budd)
Arrived as RPCX 510
To brown/orange scheme early 2011
SLRG 511Full DomeDec-2007Ex-Holland America Alaska
Built as ATSF 511 (Budd)
Arrived as RPCX 511
SLRG 551Full DomeDec-2007Ex-Holland America Alaska
Built as ATSF 551 (Budd)
Arrived as RPCX 551
SLRG 554Full DomeDec-2007Ex-Holland America Alaska
Built as ATSF 554 (Budd)
Arrived as RPCX 554
SLRG 1056Observation???Former Southern "Lookout Mountain"
Painted into IC orange/brown
Still named "Lookout Mountain"
SLRG 1062Coach???Painted into IC orange/brown
Named "Cuchara Valley"
SLRG 1067Coach???Painted into IC orange/brown
Named "Gila Valley"
SLRG 1068Coach???Painted into IC orange/brown
Named "San Luis Valley"
SLRG 1394Full Dome2009Ex-Holland America Alaska
Built for the GN (Budd)
Named "Deshka"
SLRG 2904]]Coach???
RPCX 2915Coach???
RPCX 2948CoachMar-2006Ex-Long Island RR car
RPCX 2968CoachMar-2006Ex-Long Island RR car
RPCX 2970CoachMar-2006Ex-Long Island RR car
Damaged in Blanca wreck, Jul-2006
RPCX 2974CoachMay-2006Ex-Long Island RR car
SLRG 3009CoachApr-2009Ex-Long Island RR Kawasaki C-3 car
Initially RPCX3009
Repainted orange/brown 2011
RPCX 5060CoachMar-2006Not in service
RPCX 5066CoachMar-2006Ex-Adirondack Scenic Kayuta
RPCX 5067CoachMay-2006Ex-Adirondack Scenic Little Rapids
Burned in Blanca wreck, Jul-2006
Repaired & painted SLRG 2007
To AZER winter 2008/2009
SLRG 1CoachApr-2007Ex-Indiana Rail Road, exx-LIRR
SLRG 2CoachApr-2007Ex-Indiana Rail Road, exx-LIRR
SLRG 3305Obs/Lounge2011Ex-IC round end observation / lounge "Mardi Gras"
Painted into IC orange/brown
SLRG 3310Obs/Lounge???Ex-IC round end observation / lounge "Ponchartrain Club"
Painted into IC orange/brown by WSOR
SLRG 3320Obs/LoungeApr 2012Ex-IC round end observation / lounge
SLRG 3378Obs/Lounge???Ex-IC 3378, named "Calumet Club"
SLRG 5327Rider Flat2008Flat converted for open air ridership
SLRG 9660??????"Colorado Pine"
Currently painted silver/dark blue
UP 90368RPO???From the D&RGHF
Returned, no longer in SLRG service
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