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Photo 1
The obligatory 3/4 shot
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Photo 2
My favorite...
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Photo 3
How often do you get a chance for a shot like this?
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Photo 4
Side shot
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Photo 5
Builder's plate
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Photo 6
Emissions information
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  Trip Report: Iowa Triplets 1 - Chapter 1
  Winged Warrior #4088
(Ames Yard, IA - February 17, 2001)
  From: Iowa Triplets 1
Dates: February 15 & 17, 2001 Author: Michael Petersen

Today started with an e-mail from Nathan pointing out the location and destination of DRGW 5501. It's path from Nebraska to "ogdjct", IL would put it right through Ames, IA. After watching the trace during the morning and into the afternoon, I decided to head out to my normal train watching spot at Ames Yard and wait for it there, maybe catching some other action, too. Well as it turns out, there wasn't much action to speak of, but there were some units of interest parked out there.

Upon arrival at Ames Yard, I noticed UP 4088, a shiny "Winged Warrior" SD70M, just parked on one of the yard tracks. Excitedly, I began the roster shot routine, the results of which are shown here. Well, some are shown here... For the rest, keep an eye on RailARC.

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