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Photo 1
DRGW 3155 leading MDVPU
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Photo 2
Older Grande GP40, with all its lights, even!
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Photo 3
Another view of 3155
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  Trip Report: DRGW in Colorado Springs - Chapter 1
  Downtown Colorado Springs
(Aug 7, 2000)
  From: DRGW in Colorado Springs
Dates: August 7, 2000 Author: Nathan Holmes

This is really more of a sighting report than a trip report, as it only amounted to a couple miles of travel for me. Upon getting home from work that afternoon, I checked my email (and of course the DRGW email list) out of habit, only to discover that there were three D&RGW Geeps leading the Denver-Pueblo manifest that afternoon. So, I grabbed the camera and out the door we went. I had hoped to catch them in Palmer Lake, but due to the late hour I had a suspicion that they had passed it long ago and were nearing the Springs. A few minutes of listening to the scanner confirmed this, and I met up with them at the Rockrimmon exit (oddly enough, almost back at the office I'd just come from).

Back on the interstate, a quick run down to the Colorado Springs yard confirmed I'd gotten ahead of them, so I decided to wait to the south of the Cimmaron overpass. Light ranged between excellent and non-existant as the sun set and clouds moved back and forth in front of it. Finally, MDVPU crept through the yard and commenced a number of switching moves, giving me time enough to get a great many shots of every unit. To the right are three of the better ones (basically roster shots with some redeeming esthetics). I did try to shoot some video as they left town for Pueblo (around 2000h), but the light was too low and the results weren't great, unfortunately. While I hope events like this continue to happen, I realize that RG power, let alone RG power up front, won't continue much longer, so I'm glad I caught up with this one. Get 'em before they're all gone, the clock's running out.

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Oh yes, one other thing I should probably mention - all the images here are Copyright 2000 Nathan D. Holmes (maverick@drgw.net)
Note this doesn't mean you can't use them - In fact, I encourage people to use and enjoy them.
I'm placing them under the same license as RailARC images.
All images were taken with an Olympus C-3000 camera, a beautiful piece of machinery.