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  Trip Report: Joint Line Tunnel Motors - Chapter 1
  Saturday, March 31
5413 and 5376 on the Joint Line
  From: Joint Line Tunnel Motors Dates: Week of Mar 31 - Apr 8, 2001 Author: Nathan Holmes

Photo 1
First train of the day - UP 3676 and 3454 lead a rail train north past Kelker.
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Photo 2
MoW equipment sitting on flatcars at Kelker, with 5046, an ex-MP SD50.
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Photo 3
First shot of DRGW 5413 on a northbound rock train, around Pinon.
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Photo 4
One of the rock-hauling cars - shouldn't this have had some paint by now?
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Photo 5
UP 3151 leads 8934 and DRGW 5413 through a curve in Fountain, CO.
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Photo 6
DRGW 5413 coming around the same curve. Wish they'd put it on the front...
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Photo 7
After meeting a southbound BNSF coal train, 3151 accelerates out of the siding at North Colorado Springs.
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Photo 8
Last sight of 5413 for the day - got caught in a 20 mile traffic jam on the way to Monument.
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Photo 9
Traffic jam wasn't all bad - delayed me enough to catch 5376 leading the MDVPU at Castle Rock
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Photo 10
With D&RGW 5376 (recently resurrected) in the lead, MDVPU-31 hurries south to Larkspur.
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Photo 11
I've never gotten this shot to work, and here's just another failed example. *grin*
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Photo 12
MDVPU took too long getting to Palmer - the light faded before it arrived. Instead I came up with this shot.
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Oh yes, one other thing I should probably mention - all the images here are Copyright 2001 Nathan D. Holmes (maverick@drgw.net)
Note this doesn't mean you can't use them - In fact, I encourage people to use and enjoy them.
I'm placing them under the same license as RailARC images.
All images were taken with an Olympus C-3000 camera, a beautiful piece of machinery.