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  Trip Report: Grande Finale - Rio Grandes Depart Colorado - Chapter 1
  The First Two Departures
  From: Grande Finale - Rio Grandes Depart Colorado Dates: April 6-21, 2002 Author: Nathan Holmes

Photo 1
The beginning of the exodus from Burnham's dead lines - D&RGW 3060, one of the last GP40s retired, departs Utah Junction on 6-Apr-2002 as one of the trailing units on MNYNP (North Yard - North Platte)
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Photo 2
Another look at 3060.
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Photo 3
Misery loves company, and 3060 gets 3084, another dead GP40 bound for National Railway Equipment in Silvis, IL.
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Photo 4
3084 and 3060 depart Denver one last time.
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Photo 5
Starting the second round of departures, UP 3498 leads MNYNP on 21-Apr-2002. DRGW 5353, 5386, and 5406 are being hauled out on this train.
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Photo 6
The first dead unit in the set, DRGW 5353 heads northeast on MNYNP just east of Utah Junction. Forgive the color - my camera felt like overexposing today.
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Photo 7
DRGW 5386 is the second dead tunnel motor in the consist.
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Photo 8
The other end of 5386 from the same location.
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Photo 9
Bringing up the rear, DRGW 5406. 5406 is separated from the other two motors by UP 3562, an inoperable SD40-2.
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Photo 10
The four units powering MNYNP and the four dead trailing units head out onto the Belt Line just east of Utah Junction.
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Photo 11
The first set of motors is about to duck under the bridge and exit the Belt Line for the Greeley Sub.
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Photo 12
Normally I wouldn't have included it, but somehow it seemed odd that the rolling dead line was waiting on this shining new SD70.
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Photo 13
After letting the southbound manifest pass, DRGW 5353 trails along through Adams on its trip north.
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Photo 14
Just a shot of DRGW 5386 passing through Adams.
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Photo 15
The train approaches the south end of Brighton, CO, which will be my last stop for the day. The evening is wearing on, and I can only take so many shots of inoperable tunnel motors running through corn fields.
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Photo 16
Heading on in to Brighton...
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Photo 17
Even potentially on their way to the scrap pile, that Grande gold still looks good in the evening sunlight.
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Photo 18
Passing through downtown, this was my parting shot of these three, and quite possibly the last I'll see of them.
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