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  Trip Report: C&TS - Closing the 2002 Season - Chapter 1
  Afternoon on the Twin Peaks
  From: C&TS - Closing the 2002 Season Dates: Oct 20, 2002 Author: Nathan Holmes

Photo 1
The old roadbed for the D&RG / UPD&G connector that ran from the mainline at Barnes to Barnes Junction before the D&RG abandoned their Pueblo-Trinidad main in 1936. This relic can be found a mile south of the road to Ludlow, CO, on the west side of I-25.
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Photo 2
While photographing the old roadbed, BNSF 9956 showed up with a southbound (SDEX) coal load.
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Photo 3
And dropping down the other side of the hill near Ludlow (or Barnes Junction), with two DPUs on the back.
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Photo 4
BNSF 9956 crests the top of a short grade south of Beshoar, CO, now on the Twin Peaks Subdivision (southeast of Trinidad)
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Photo 5
With 9956 holding the main at Banela, I went looking for the westbound it would be meeting... I found it working upgrade halfway between Banela and Trinchera
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Photo 6
In getting back to Banela to catch 8987 east, I came across these guys, who were initially blocking the road but cleared up after a few honks.
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Photo 7
After meeting 9956, BNSF 8987 east comes through a curve on the grade west of Banela. The entire Twin Peaks sub is full of these spectacular curves.
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Photo 8
Just a wider view of the previous curve. No matter what it looks like on a map, as it turns out the subdivision is quite a rollercoaster, at least east of Trinidad.
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Photo 9
BNSF 8987 in the late afternoon sun along County Road 22, halfway between Banela and Beshoar, CO.
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Photo 10
Cresting the hill and nearing the grade crossing southeast of Beshoar
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Photo 11
The head end of 8987, as viewed from between two cars. You wouldn't believe how many shots it took to get this right.
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Photo 12
And the last shot of the day - 8987's DPU, 9861, drifting downgrade. After that, I called it an afternoon and headed for Alamosa for the night.
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