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    Posted Wednesday, September 23 2015 at 2342 h MDT
    I managed to make it out of work and down to Antlers Park around noon today to capture the loading of D&RG 168. The engine has been a fixture of downtown Colorado Springs for nearly 80 years, since the Rio Grande presented it to us back in 1938. Starting today, the engine has been leased to the C&TS for 45 years, with the intention that it will be restored to operating condition.

    The photos of the loadout and the short ceremony can be found [here].

    My thanks to Larry Green, who managed to get down there at the start of the work today. I was held up by meetings I couldn't escape this morning, and graciously he allowed me to use his photos to fill in the gaps in the story. -

    Posted Sunday, September 20 2015 at 1647 h MDT
    As many of you are aware, D&RGW T-12 #168 is set to move from Colorado Springs to the C&TS, where it will be overhauled and returned to service as part of a historically accurate consist. John Bush, president of the C&TS, has posted on the NGDF that the unit will be loaded on Wednesday, September 23, and trucked down to Chama. It'll be offloaded the next day. (Note: I've also heard Thursday as the load up date from another source.) If you get photos, let me know. I unfortunately have to go back to work this week, so no more wandering around for me. - NDHolmes

    Posted Friday, September 18 2015 at 1035 h MDT
    The Ridgway Railroad Museum is having Ouray County Railroad Days this weekend. Yesterday and today they were doing walks of the historic Silverton Railroad grade. Tomorrow (Saturday) is an open house day at the museum, an open house at Don Paulson's large home layout, a tour of the Ouray Branch grade, and wrapping it all up, a meeting at 7pm about the reconstruction of the Guston depot and their efforts to build an operating replica of Rio Grande Southern engine #36. Sunday wraps things up with a guided tour of the RGS right of way. Donations are suggested for most of these, as the events are intended to be a fund-raiser for the museum.

    Sorry for not getting this posted earlier - I've been gone for the last couple months. -

    Posted Wednesday, July 8 2015 at 1507 h MDT
    There's been a rumor percolating for some time now that the D&S and C&TS would like to swap a few engines to better suit their needs. It makes sense, but I wasn't going to feed the speculation until something more official showed up.

    Well, that "something more official" is here. John Bush, general manager of the C&TS, has posted a press release about the proposed swap on NGDF. Basically the D&S would get D&RGW K-36 483, which hasn't run in a very long time. The C&TS, in return, would get K-28 #478, which is also currently inoperable. This would give Durango another K-36 to handle more regular traffic, and it would give Chama an example of the only class of Grande narrow gauge 2-8-2s that it's missing.

    If it comes to pass, it will open up a number of new photo charter opportunities on the C&TS. Stay tuned... -

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