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    Posted Tuesday, December 30 2014 at 1148 h MST
    The former Minnesota Zephyr passenger cars showed up in Alamosa in the summer of 2013, but the former dinner train's power - two F7As - remained behind in Stillwater, MN. The city has been trying to get rid of the locomotives for several years now by declaring them public nuisances, despite their private ownership and storage on private property. (Don't ask how riled up this gets the strong property rights side of me...) I detoured through Stillwater on the way back from a fishing trip in 2013 to shoot them, as I thought for sure they'd be scrapped in the coming months.

    Turns out, both units will be saved, at least for the moment. They were moved on December 23 to an active railhead in Randolph, MN, and loaded on flatcars. They're now on their way to Alamosa, to join their former train. We should be seeing them in Colorado in the coming weeks.

    I've uploaded a few photos of them sitting around in Stillwater [here]. (Update: Fixed broken link.)

    Update (1/1 1902h): Per a post by Jeff Carlson, one of the reporting marks for the flat cars is ITTX 941920. I would anticipate all three staying together unless there's a mechanical issue, so anybody who wants to follow them, follow that number. -

    Posted Thursday, December 25 2014 at 2018 h MST
    Merry Christmas, all! I hope you had a chance to spend today with family, friends, and loved ones.

    I've been a bit busy as of late, but regular updates will resume in 2015. -

    Posted Friday, October 10 2014 at 2117 h MDT
    This isn't exactly Rio Grande news, and there's no way I can even relate the two. However, if you're a narrow gauge fan, there's a crowdfunding campaign going on right now to help the Western Railway Preservation Society rebuild Westside Lumber Company's very unique caboose #3. They're about $1200 short of their goal right now. If you're inclined to contribute, remember they're a 501c3, so it's all tax-deductable. Please visit their donation page to give. Once restored, the caboose will run on the Sumpter Valley.

    More photos of the restoration work so far can be found on WRPS's website [here]. -

    Posted Monday, September 29 2014 at 1046 h MDT
    At some point between Monday, September 14, and Tuesday, September 22, the wooden smokebox door from the Emma Sweeney - the Hollywood reproduction of RGS 20 for "Ticket to Tomahawk" - was stolen from the fenced area in Durango's Santa Rita Park. The Durango Railroad Historic Society has been working to restore Emma for the past three years for display in the park.

    The thing has no scrap value, as it's made from wood, and has little value overall since it's both extremely unique and now widely known to be stolen property. However, the historic value is tremendous. As such, the DRHS would just like it returned, no questions asked.

    An article about the theft can be found in the Durango Herald. -

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