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   2010 Week 6: Feb 07 - Feb 13
Photo of the Week for Feb 07, 2010 - Feb 13, 2010
In August of 1954, D&RGW K-36 482 passes the east end of the Poncha Junction yard and across US Highway 285. It's headed back to Salida with another load of Colorado Fuel & Iron limestone to be used in the furnaces at Pueblo. This was only two years before the line was converted to standard gauge, and the K-36s would be shipped south to work between Alamosa and Durango/Farmington. The photo was taken by an unknown photographer, and the 120 color negative is a recent addition to my collection. For those wondering, that's a 1954 Pontiac in the background.
Photograph by: Nathan Holmes Collection (Photographer Unknown)

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