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  Trip Report: Rio Grandes on the Joint Line - Chapter 1
  MDVPU-12 & MDVPU-14
June 12, 14
  From: Rio Grandes on the Joint Line Dates: June 11 - June 15, 2001 Author: Nathan Holmes

Photo 1
SP 9721 leads DRGW 5407 and 5413 up the grade out of Castle Rock, CO. Note the interesting number board on the engineer's side of 9721.
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Photo 2
Just a shot of 5407 passing my shooting location above. Nothing special, just good light on a beautiful machine.
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Photo 3
Well, if I put in a good shot of 5407, I can't leave out 5413, can I? The light on Tuesday evening was just perfect for these two rather dirty Grandes.
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Photo 4
The units will get a bit of relief shortly after crossing Tomah Road - there's a slight dip in the line before the big climb into Larkspur and eventually Palmer Lake.
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Photo 5
Skipping ahead in time to Thursday (Wednesday's pursuit of 5515 was cancelled due to extreme cloud and rain), I found MDVPU just north of the so-called "sag" above Palmer. 5413 is seen here trailing as the power descends into the sag.
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Photo 6
Almost into Palmer now, we see the lead unit is UP 4819, an ex-SP SD45T-2 that's been rebuilt and is now officially noted as an SD40-T2 on the side of the cab.
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Photo 7
Finishing the climb to Palmer... The consist includes UP 4819, DRGW 5385, 5407, and 5413.
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Photo 8
Haven't seen one of these in a while...
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Photo 9
MDVPU-14 arrives under the Cimarron overpass and prepares to start switching loads for Colorado Springs.
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Photo 10
Just another view of 5385 sitting around in the warm evening sun.
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Photo 11
Now this is how a Grande should look - nose lights and all. Too bad they don't work on 5413.
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Photo 12
One of the new coil cars having their hoods assembled at the Colorado Springs yard. This one just got picked up and is headed for Pueblo on MDVPU-14.
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Oh yes, one other thing I should probably mention - all the images here are Copyright 2001 Nathan D. Holmes (maverick@drgw.net)
Note this doesn't mean you can't use them - In fact, I encourage people to use and enjoy them.
I'm placing them under the same license as RailARC images.
All images were taken with an Olympus C-3000 camera, a beautiful piece of machinery.