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  Trip Report: DRGW-powered UP Engineering Special - Chapter 1
  UP's D&RGW Engineering Special
  From: DRGW-powered UP Engineering Special Dates: Oct 4, 2001 Author: Nathan Holmes

Photo 1
First sighting nearly four hours late on the original schedule at 1000h, after I thought I'd missed him entirely. DRGW 3097 lead DRGW 3128 and SSW 7652 down the grade at Minnequa, by the old Colorado Fuel & Iron plant.
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Photo 2
Just another view as they got closer. While there were hy-rail trucks at many points along the route, the crew, M-o-W, and security personnel were all very friendly today. It's good to see things somewhat back to normal, with a bit of the tension gone between professionals and fans (at least locally).
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Photo 3
After what looked like a quick crew change, the Special pulls out onto the yard lead and prepares to turn north through Pueblo Junction.
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Photo 4
And getting the highball to exit the yard...
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Photo 5
After clearing Pueblo, the crew wastes little time getting the train up to track speed.
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Photo 6
Shooting a northbound on the Joint Line as we're going into winter is challenging business - there aren't that many places that afford decent lighting. This shot, in Fountain, provided an interesting view as I recovered from the dozen or so red ant bites I suffered in getting this shot (my ankle still hurts as I write this, ten hours later).
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Photo 7
I was only able to follow it as far as Palmer Lake, as I had real work to do back at the office. Seen here approaching through the S-curve just south of Palmer, the train is still making very good time.
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Photo 8
Coming through everyone's favorite curve at Palmer...
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Photo 9
Around the lake and on to Denver to pick up UP 6936 (the Centennial) and head west over the Moffat line.
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