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  Trip Report: Action Around Colorado - Chapter 1
  Denver's South Local
  From: Action Around Colorado Dates: July 6 - 15, 2001 Author: Nathan Holmes

Photo 1
I was actually on my way to LaSalle, but when I saw the three Grande GP40-2s on the front of Denver's South Local, I couldn't resist sticking around. Seen here switching along Oxford Street near Englewood, CO, and Sheridan, CO, we're just west of US 85 and yes, the hill really is that steep.
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Photo 2
After the engineer and brakeman return from eating, the local headed out back onto the Joint Line for points further south. Fortunately, the conductor (one from the extra board, the regular was on vacation) had stayed with the train, and had given me a bit of a heads-up on where he'd be switching.
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Photo 3
Near the city center of Littleton, CO, the local rejoins the mainlines headed south for a trip out to the Blakeland lumber yard (just behind the Chatfield Reservoir) and then eventually to Sedalia.
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Photo 4
The line down to the lumber yard is quite steep, and passes through the middle of some sort of automotive junk yard/repo lot. I'm not exactly sure, but regardless there are large gates the crew had to stop and unlock.
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Photo 5
Tied on to the empties, the crew gets ready to haul them back up the hill and replace them with today's loads.
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Photo 6
On the way to Sedalia, running down along Plum Creek below US Hwy 85.
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Photo 7
Pulled off the train and ready to run around at Sedalia in preparation for the return trip back to North Yard.
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Photo 8
The first photo that convinced me that the camera might be a keeper...
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Photo 9
Seen looking down from US Hwy 85, this southbound coal drag was slowly creeping up behind the local...
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