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  Trip Report: A Trip to Albuquerque - Chapter 1
  San Luis Valley Local
  From: A Trip to Albuquerque Dates: Jan 10-13, 2002 Author: Nathan Holmes

Photo 1
Arriving in Alamosa, the crew cuts off the power and brings it into town at about 0600h.
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Photo 2
SSW 7286 and the rest of the power sitting in the early morning fog, with only the headlights of passing cars for illumination
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Photo 3
Much later in the morning, DRGW 3105 leads the set that will remain behind.
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Photo 4
UP 5517 and 2567 have been cut off and wait for the crew to complete their paperwork before beginning their shift.
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Photo 5
Coming back from the yard with the cut for Antonito, CO.
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Photo 6
All I could think when I was taking this shot was "Should have taken the Grande instead of this smoker.."
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Photo 7
A little sunlight breaks through the fog and the frost of 11-Jan-2002. I think it was about -2 degrees Fahrenheit at this point.
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Photo 8
Well, some of its fog, anyway - 2567 is certainly doing its part to contribute, though.
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Photo 9
Passing by the old depot in La Jara on the way to Antonito (now the town hall).
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Photo 10
I couldn't decide which shot I liked better between 9 and 10, so I included both.
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Photo 11
Crossing one of those classic old Rio Grande truss bridges just north of Antonito.
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Photo 12
Finally at the end of the line, UP 2567 and crew undertake switching the plant.
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Photo 13
Cumbres & Toltec's only diesel, the 19, sits outside the shops in Antonito.
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Photo 14
Just another oddball shot of the bridge, standing in the gauge (erhm, that's usually a bad idea)
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Photo 15
Just stopping to admire the mountains once the fog had cleared at Romeo, CO. Not everything revolves around trains, you know...
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