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[drgw] [SG] Paint variations Gary Smart (smartty@aros.n...) 1999-01-06 14:21:15
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From: Gary Smart (smartty@aros.n...)
Date: 1999-01-06 14:21:15
Subject: [drgw] [SG] Paint variations

From: Gary Smart <smartty@aros.n...>

I was just thinking of some of the strange RG units I've seen at Roper
in the last few years that were "different" from the rest. There was a
T-2 that had 4 distinct yellow-gold colors on it ranging from a lemon
yellow used to repaint the numbers on the cab sides to the orange on
the sidesills that was similar to the color on the ex-smurfs. I don't
remember the unit number but it looked like it had survived the 3rd
world war. Another T-2 was 5406. The sidesills, pilots, fuel tank and
trucks had all been repainted black and in fresh paint when I saw it. It
coincided with a truck changeout date that was stenciled on the
sideframes. I did get a photo of this one. The last unit was a GP40-2
that the yellow/gold stripes on the nose had faded out to a "pink"
color. This was a strange looking one indeed. Off subject, but has
anyone noticed that some of the early SP AC4400 units are starting to
change from a red to a pink nose?


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