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From: Griffin, James JR (
Date: 1999-01-07 05:00:43
Subject: [drgw] New Web Site Additions

From: "Griffin, James JR" <>


I've added a new section to my web site dealing with the corporate
successors to the Rio Grande; i.e. a rough outline of the merger history,
that kind of thing. It's general and thumbnail in nature, not
comprehensive, but I think serves as a pretty good outline. Which is where
y'all come in. I know there's a lot of experts in the field on this list,
so if you could, take a look and see if I have any glaring inaccuracies
there, and then let me know so I can check into them or fix them. Like, did
I spell *Anshutz* right, or is it with a different vowel?

Oh, BTW, there's a lot of new images on the page as well, all dating from
1988 forward.

Go see:
<>; and look on the
Rio Grande Today link.


Jim Griffin

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