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[drgw] [MDL] plain text version of Request for assistance... Smitty Nash (railway@webdoms.c...) 1999-01-05 13:37:17
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From: Smitty Nash (railway@webdoms.c...)
Date: 1999-01-05 13:37:17
Subject: [drgw] [MDL] plain text version of Request for assistance...

From: "Smitty Nash" <railway@webdoms.c...>

My apologies to everyone. I mistakenly sent this request as an HTML post.
I forgot that not everyone has HTML abilities yet.


Smitty here with a request. I am finally getting started on finishing
my loft above my garage and turn it into an environmentally friendly train
room. ;-)

I have a web site that I have a couple of pages on to track the progress of
this for anyone's interest. My problem is a name and a route to model. In
addition to D&RGW, I like what Southern Ry had for steam power too. So I
decided to combine the two roads. A short story is found at . I invite everyone who
is interested to help me name my road and maybe pick a section to model.
There is a button at the bottom of the page to get the "name-calling"
started. ;-) If you'd rather not have it posted there, you can email me
offline at railway@mindspring.c... or railway@webdoms.c... .

Thanks for your time,
Smitty Nash
Fuquay-Varina, NC

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