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From: Goller, Martin H (GollerMH@corning.c...)
Date: 1999-01-05 11:27:34
Subject: [drgw] Re: [SG] New stuff from Lifelike/P2K

From: "Goller, Martin H" <GollerMH@corning.c...>

> What did you expect? The nose-mounted dual Mars light was only used by
> the
> Grande and CGW on the GP30. The nose _headlight_ was used by CB&Q (BN),
> CP,
> ACL (SCL,SBD) and L&N, plus SP/SSW with both. How many sales do you figure
> for each type, and which ones do you expect them to invest in to produce?
Honestly, I did expect no nose light. I did not point it out because I am
not pleased with it, I get some undecs. I really do like the model! When I
see it in the store, I may get one or two decorated ones anyways....
For the SP/SSW, you need to hack as well. Did the BN units retain the
headlight? And after rebuilding? I caught a rebuild BN unit on the Joint
line and I thought the noselight was removed. But I am not a BN expert.

> Of course they would have been better off to use the body with no nose
> light for the Grande units and just let the modeler notch the nose and add
> the mars light themselves, possible to do even on a decorated model.
I agree. I did this on Athearn models, as a quick fix, and on Atlas N-scale
GP40's. Works really well.
For CB&Q/CP and the south-eastern roads, it is surely a blessing, since it
is a bigger pain to get the nose head light in and look right, especially on
a dec unit. Try to get the light on a Kato CB&Q GP 35. I have not figured
out an easy way.

> Given that they have decided to change the fan spacing, perhaps a
> concerted
> letter/email campaign might convince them to change their plans for the
> Grande units as well. Send to:
> Larry Grubb <lifelikerd@aol.c...>
> >The other one is a flat car:
> >
> >AAR 50t flat car: ACL, C&NW, D&RGW, M&StL, NKP, NP
> Painted & lettered for D&RGW 22000-22199 in black w/white. Built Mt.
> Vernon
> Car in 2-44, many later rebuilt as bulkhead flats for wallboard service.
> >Take a look.
> >
> >
> That's L-L's homepage, Martin. Nothing there on either model that I could
> find when I just checked. Is there a specific page that is not in the
> visible directory?

Too many "favorites"..... Sorry!
Today it also has the photo of the flat car.


> Jim Eager jeager@visionol.n...
> Toronto, Ontario
> Canada

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