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From: Jim Eager jeager@sympatico.c... [DRGW] (DRGW@yahoogroups.c...)
Date: 2017-11-01 12:15:20
Subject: [DRGW] Re: GP7 and fuel tank

Hi Bill,=20
Thanks very much for the reply and added info on the various locos used at =
Ft Carson. I hear you about needing photos to model a specific unit, and ev=
en to model a specific unit at a specific time as I have shots of 1858 both=
without outside handrails as you describe and later with them! I=E2=80=99=
ll have to do some modifications to the Walthers H10-44 to model 1860 as th=
e model has the early slanted nose and cab roof overhang styling. GP7L 1823=
will need extensive running gear work as I=E2=80=99ll need to replace the =
Genesis Blomberg trucks with Rapido Flexicoils, then replace their sidefram=
es with AAR switcher truck sideframes.
Can I ask when you arrived at Carson as it will narrow down when 1858 went =
back to Utah and 1823 arrived to replace it. I=E2=80=99d also like to pick =
your memory about rail operations and traffic in and out in those days, if =
you wouldn=E2=80=99t mind.

> JIm, You are right 1860 was an H12-44, old memories problem on my part. =
When I first got to Ft Carson we had two H12-44's 1858 and 1860. I modeled=
the 1860 from a brass import, and had to modify the handrails. The 1860 h=
ad an amber flashing beacon on the center of the hood but the 1860 and the =
1823 did not. The 1858 did not have the full length handrails like the 1860=
. You had to have a photo to model a specific unit. I believe they were al=
l delivered with out the full length handrails and were modified at the dep=
ot after that, I know of at least four different styles. Handrail variati=
ons were common on the FM's. The 1858 did have the Transportation Corps Lo=
go but the 1860 did not. The 1823 GP7L was also basic black and did not ha=
ve the logo. Since I was a TC Officer, I was disappointed they did not hav=
e the logo. The 1858 went back to the Army Depot in Utah soon after my arr=
ival, and we got the 1823 in exchange. The crew was disappointed with the =
GP7L, and it sat unused most of the time. I had lots of great memories at =
Ft Carson in those days.
> Have fun building you layout!!
> Bill

Posted by: Jim Eager <jeager@sympatico.c...>

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