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[drgw] [SG] DRGW in WP Video, UP GS gons in DRGW video Goller, Martin H (GollerMH@corning.c...) 1999-01-04 20:55:37
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From: Goller, Martin H (GollerMH@corning.c...)
Date: 1999-01-04 20:55:37
Subject: [drgw] [SG] DRGW in WP Video, UP GS gons in DRGW video

From: "Goller, Martin H" <GollerMH@corning.c...>

Some information for those looking for Transition area information:

I got a video "Western Pacific - the first 50 years" which describes the
building and traffic on the WP upto the 1960's. Besides neat shots of WP
motive power (including early FT's), you get:

Scenic Limited
Exposition Flyer in color! Some DRGW cars, Burlington Cars, Pullmans
Cal Z with neat interior shots for those who want to really detail the
Very few DRGW trains, but some SP trains. SLC is unfortunately described
only very briefly.
For the freightcar folks: on the tour with the CZ east, you pass several
westbound freights. Some neat shots.

I think it is distributed by Pentrex (so I was told by the sales person).

For the recent discussion on foreign hoppers/GS gons:

>From the video list: Rio Grande Articulateds (Gregg Scholl?)
Case in point: UP GS gons on the Joint Line behind 3700 class powered train
just ahead of the caboose. Neat B/W shots.

Neat stuff!


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