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From: Paul Welsh (exdrgw@bellatlantic.n...)
Date: 1999-01-04 10:08:40
Subject: [drgw] Re: Wanted, HO PK2 D&RGW PA-1

From: Paul Welsh <exdrgw@bellatlantic.n...>

Larry M Mikkelson wrote:
> From: Larry M Mikkelson <>
> Does anyone know where I might find a Lifelike P2K #21656 or #21657 D&RGW
> PA-1 in the 4 stripe paint scheme? I cannot find any here locally in New
> Jersey. Thanks.
> Larry M. Mikkelson

A friend called yesterday and told me they have some at Mitchell's
Family Store in Wilmington, Delaware. They are having their annual
post-Christmas sale and these locos are pretty heavily discounted
(prices roughly equivalent to best mail order prices). Depending on
where you are in New Jersey, you might want to drive over and look over
their extensive brass collection while you're at it. It's fairly
accessible from I95.

Mitchell's Family Store
(302) 652-3258

___|0|_|___ Paul Welsh
| D&RGW | "I never saw a model railroad, or hamburger, I didn't like"
= oo---oo = Email: exdrgw@bellatlantic.n...

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