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[drgw] Research (was Gunnison Traffic) Bob Webber (RSWEBBER@concentric.n...) 1999-01-04 08:33:44
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From: Bob Webber (RSWEBBER@concentric.n...)
Date: 1999-01-04 08:33:44
Subject: [drgw] Research (was Gunnison Traffic)

From: Bob Webber <RSWEBBER@concentric.n...>

Jim's point about the Sanborn maps not being the best resource for
determining ROW is well taken. The fact is, that there is no one source
that is good by itself. As an example, the DSP&P list just had a posting
from the current owner of the Como roundhouse. He listed some records to
the state that should show the structures at a given site through the
years. He notes that there were inaccuracies, but it is still good

All resources are going to have inaccuracies, and the part of the historian
(or researcher) is to dig those out and cross check various resources for
completeness. An example as far as the Gunnison traffic would be to review
the Sanborn maps, the Valuation survey maps, the employee timetables,
vintage news articles, the various public domain publications, and existing
D&RG records (at the CRRM, the DPL, the Archives and other places).
Unfortunately, there is no one-stop shopping for such things...Bob

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