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From: Dave Nelson (
Date: 1999-01-03 22:38:06
Subject: [drgw] Re: Cedar City ore train numbers

From: "Dave Nelson" <>

> Does anyone know the train numbers for the iron ore trains from
> Cedar City,
> UT (off UP's LA&SL) to CF&I in Pueblo?

I don't know the train numbers, but I can share something on the topic from
earlier days (with much thanks to Mark Hemphill who manned the xerox):

Railway Age, Sept 17, 1949 (Probably written by Kip Farrington) has an
article titled _Railroads bring everything to Geneva_. Of interest: "About
100 cars of the rust red guts of the steel business are brought to Geneva
daily by the Union Pacific. Iron Mountain also provides ore for Geneva
Steel's Ironton plant at Provo and substantial quantities for movement via
Provo and the D&RGW across Utah and Colordao to CF&I...."

I don't have the 1949 data in hand, but in 1956, the Grande moved nearly
12000 carloads (about 800k tons) of iron ore.

Dave Nelson

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