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[drgw] BNSF Rainbow in Western Colorado Drrocks (bacol@rof.n...) 1999-01-03 15:08:01
[drgw] Re: BNSF Rainbow in Western Colorado Ekins, David (DEkins@flowserve.c...) 1999-01-04 08:01:31
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From: Drrocks (bacol@rof.n...)
Date: 1999-01-03 15:08:01
Subject: [drgw] BNSF Rainbow in Western Colorado

From: Drrocks <bacol@rof.n...>

Caught an unusual eastbound BNSF freight between Silt and Newcastle
early this afternoon. I apologize to the diesel experts among us for
not being able to give anything more than the following: on the point,
BNSF 988 in Heritage II; AT&SF silver/red warbonnet; Santa Fe
high-hood SD cabless!!; BN cascade green something. What a mixture!

There is a not-very-good picture at a.b.p.r. for those interested.

Unfortunately of course the only connection with the Rio Grande is it
used to be D&RGW track.........


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