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From: Jim Eager (jeager@visionol.n...)
Date: 1999-01-03 14:13:35
Subject: [drgw] Re: CB&Q on the Grande

From: Jim Eager <jeager@visionol.n...>

>From: Bob Webber <rswebber@concentric.n...>
>According to Hill, the CB&Q GP-35s ran for a brief period in 1965 - 1966.
>They pooled power between SLC & Chicago. But "since the D&RGW diesels are
>specially modified for the difficult high-altitude terrain of Colorado &
>Utah, the railroad prefers to keep them on their home rails".

The only such modification I know of was that they were set up to spray the
radiator cores with water for evaporative cooling, which helped in the

I think it was at least as much a matter of better maintenance when on home

Jim Eager jeager@visionol.n...
Toronto, Ontario

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