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From: Jim Eager (jeager@visionol.n...)
Date: 1999-01-03 14:07:00
Subject: [drgw] Re: Cedar City ore train numbers

From: Jim Eager <jeager@visionol.n...>

>From: RRHarmen@aol.c...
>Do you mean the one that came into Denver then down the joint Line, ie the 775
>trains? While 774 or 776 would make sense, I can't recall the empties ever
>running as a seperate train. they were just run north in blocks in the 66 and
>68 trains.

I don't think so, but then UP may well have handled it all the way to
Denver to get the longer haul. However, there is a 1977 photo of the Cedar
City train on the Grande's west end on p.72 of RG In Color V.2, for

Jim Eager jeager@visionol.n...
Toronto, Ontario

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