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[drgw] (no subject) Clark L McClellan (clarkus@enol.c...) 1998-11-16 00:26:58
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From: Clark L McClellan (clarkus@enol.c...)
Date: 1998-11-16 00:26:58
Subject: [drgw] (no subject)

From: "Clark L McClellan" <clarkus@enol.c...>


My name is clark, I have been on the list for about 3 weeks now, this is my
first time writting. I like all the helpful info I have read. maybe I could
return the favor, I used to work for union pacific as a conductor,
switchman, brakeman, hostler and hearder, from 1988 up until 1996 when the
crew consist agreement scared me away. I worked in Salt lake yard (uz029)
but mostly in provo ut. (up076). I had the privelage of working on alot of
rio grande equipment. my grandfather fired the big mallet's from thistle to
soldier summit during world war 2, lots of great stories. So if I can help
anyone let me know. can anyone tell me where I can find a k-28, 36 or 37 in
either Ho gauge or HoN3 gauge? Thanks again.

clark McClellan

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