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Re: [drgw] (sg) Ski Train Michael M McGowen (UPRF1@prodigy.n...) 1990-01-09 12:12:46
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From: Michael M McGowen (UPRF1@prodigy.n...)
Date: 1990-01-09 12:12:46
Subject: Re: [drgw] (sg) Ski Train

From: "Michael M McGowen" <UPRF1@prodigy.n...>

Just an update from this morning, the ski train left with three Amtrak
units, 403, 332, and 516. Due to problems on the main the train was leaving
North Yard at about 1000 hours. The train will be late in getting to Winter
Park, and because of the problems on the main, Amtrak No. 5 may also be


>The three GP-60's were set out at North Yard Friday 7-16 at noon; the
>UP-painted unit faces railroad-east (joint-line south) so RG power will be
>the point of the ski-train; the power was set out were ski-power often is
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