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Subject: Re: [drgw] UP 6936 (Should be UP 6836)

The engine talked about earlier in the posting was not UP 6936, the actual engine having trouble was stopped at Pinecliff and the number was UP 6836. The engine was the lead engine and the controls that engage the dynamic brakes were stuck on.

UP called from Omaha and Denver and they could not get it unstuck. A mechanic from Denver was driven up to Pinecliff and after quite a while, the train was locked up and left there, with the crew being driven back to Denver.

The train was interesting, a UP/SP combo on front, a UP in the middle, and another UP/SP combo on the back. The entire train was BNSF coal cars, some silver and green, some silver and maroon. Inter-model Matt can tell you much more about the coal cars than I can.

Todays trace shows UP 6836 in the shops at Denver Diesel for repairs.

Arvada, CO

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