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Subject: [drgw] Slides & Copyright

Jim Eager corrected me, and I had stated it wrong in my email to the group.

When I said I have permission to dupe the slides, I have written permission from the original photographer or the person who owns the copyright.

If I do not have written permission to dupe a slide or use the image or likeness in artwork I create, it does not get used or duped.

As Jim stated to me, oral agreement is not valid, and I do have it in writting.

Just because there is no copyright listed on the slide mount does not mean it is not copyrighted. I know when any of us takes a photo, as soon as we press the shutter, the image even before it is processed is automatically copyrighted to the photographer, and that copyright lasts the lifetime of the photographer plus 100 years, or something close to that.

Jim was very correct and he was right in correcting me. I just wrote it wrong when I typed it. I shopuld have been more clear.

Being a graphic artist, I am very sensitive to my orn DRGW artork I create and anything else, and I do protect the rights of myself and others artwork/photos.

Thank Jim.

Arvada, CO

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