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Subject: Re: [drgw] 1880's Passenger Trains

From: "rudnick" <spark@azdigital.c...>

> The fun one can have modeling the 1870's-1880's Rio Grande!!
> You can play with little 2 axle cars, you can be the AT&SF (of which at
> that time the D&RG was a subsidiary for a while), you can run NG D&RG
> locomotives pulling AT&SF SG varnish between Pueblo & Denver, and later,
> play the same game with MP varnish. You can pretend to go to LaVeta - even
> before the tracks get there- the Rio Grande scheduled a stop there a full
> year before they got there - now I have a railroad that I can model!

That is just the tip of the iceberg. How about Bower, Dure passenger cars
later DSP&P/ C&S painted yellow lettered in silver? I think some of the D&RG
cars might have been painted yellow also. A South Park Business cars made
at least one trip.
Colorful locomotives, in several color schemes. AT&SF 2-8-0's. A Hinkley
4-4-0 lettered for the Profile & Franconia Notch.
From Buena Vista to Leadville shared trackage with any of the South Park
locomotives, and three moguls from the Cairo & St. Louis.
Freight cars lettered several styles of D&RG / P&CE Trust / CRS Trust /
AT&SF and some interchanged DSP&P and Colorado Central cars. And
standard gauge cars on narrow gauge trucks.
Mid 1880's saw the arrival of D&RG Western {Utah} letterings. And
from the South Park, cars lettered for the Utah & Northern and Kansas

Ron Rudnick

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