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Subject: [drgw] Ski Train Pics w/GP60's

I uplaoded a file called "Ski Train 6/17/00 w/GP60's" to thew file area for those who would like to see this rare sight. The JPG is a bit large, about a 5x7 image with 2 photos on it.

Both photos are on the same file, with the top photo being the Ski Train in partial sun at the top of the Big Ten Curves, the bottom photo is the Ski Train in Crescent Siding just past the road crossing. Both are westbound in the morning.

I was surprised there were not more people photographing the train, but the weather may have kept many away. It was worth the chase. A truely rare sight with the GP60's pulling it, looked just like the old days. I just wanted to share it with those who were not able to see this.

Hope you like them.
Arvada, CO

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